8 oz butter

4 oz  caster  sugar

4  oz  honey

4  eggs

2 tblsp. coffee essence

10 oz.flour

1 tsp.ground  ginger

1  tsp.ground  cinnamon

4 oz mixed  chopped  nuts


6 oz  icing  sugar

3 oz (75g)butter

2  tblsp. honey

Preheat  oven  to  190`c. Cream  fat  with  sugar  and  honey  until  light.Gradually  add  eggs

and  coffee essence.Beat  well.Sieve  flour  and  spices. Fold into the butter mixture with

chopped  nuts.Bake for  30-40 mins.Cool.


Sieve  5  oz  icing  sugar into  a  bowl.Beat  in  fat  and  honey well.Slit the cake in half

horizontally .Sandwich  together with  honey  filling.Dust  with  remaining  icing  sugar.



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