Sri Lankan Coconut Roti with Onion Sambol

This is a Srilankan special that can be made both as breakfast as well as dinner.


3 cups plain flour

1 coconut scraped (coconut can be cut and ground coarsely with 1 cup water and  used too)

salt to taste

bind all these to a a little sticky dough .make balls out of the dough.grease a plate with coconut oil,flatten with the palm of your hand. and cook on a griddle till cooked on both sides.


1.  You could add chopped onions,green chillies,and curry leaves when binding the dough,

2.  Spring onions and chilli powder with cummin seeds.

For the onion sambol-small onions-25 nos or big onions -2 nos

chilli flakes-1-2 tblsp

juice of 1 lime

pepper powder-1/2 tsp


curry leaves a few(optional)

sugar -1tblsp

salt to taste.

Grinding this in a pestle and mortar way will be excellent..or blend coarsely in a blender quickly,otherwise it will become watery.

You will never stop making this dish again and again once you experience the taste!!

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