Stuffed Grilled Fish


500 gm mackeral fish (head removed,slit half and deboned

Thick tamarind extact-2 tblsp.

honey -1 tblsp.

chillie flakes 2 tblsp.

pepper powder-1/2 tblsp.

salt to taste.

4 pips garlic

cummin powder-1/2 tblsp.

finely chopped onion -1 big

green chillies  finely chopped

gramflour for coating

Grind  all spices,except onion and green chillies to a fine paste.

Apply all over the fish,inside should be well coated.Mix onions and green chillies .

Stuff and press the edges tight (if you want you can use the tooth picks .coat with plain gram flour (powdery form,no water )and grill on medium heat till golden brown.


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