1/2 litre or 3 cups milk

2 heaped tblsp. of cocoa powder

2 -3 tblsp.cornflour

A packet of cashew/almond cookies or marie biscuit.

A little milk for dipping the biscuits

Vanilla essence

Rum or brandy(optional)

2-3 tblsp sugar or to taste

Mix cornflour and the cocoa in half cup of milk without lumps and set aside.Heat the leftover milk with the sugar and when it starts to boil,remove from fire and add the cornflour mixture and mix well,then again keep on fir on a slow flame and cook till thick like custard.add essence and rum.

Take a  bowl and first add a layer of biscuits dipped in milk,then add the custard,then a layer of biscuits,then again the custard.likewise add layers according to your requirement.

This could be done in individual cups too.Top with nuts or slivered almonds if you like.


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