Radish is a good source for vitamin C, iron … and is a blood purifying agent.It regulates blood pressure and sugar levels.They have anti bacterial,antifungal and detoxifying properties,helps rebuild tissues and even prevent respiratory problems.It helps to increase the immunity system in the body,and aids in fighting diseases, even cancer.

As this vegetable has a strong smell, some avoid this vegetable  not knowing its value.Radish should be included in your diet at least once a week.

If consumed raw,like in  salads,or made into a juice with buttermilk its value has no bounds.

Here i give you a recipe, which all will  love,and is a good one for lunch boxes,or any meal,and its so easy!


1/2 kg wheat flour

a tsp.of salt

2-3 tblsp.oil

1 tblsp curd.

enough water for binding

ghee/butter for making the chappathis

Take the required amount of water and pour into the vessel to bind the dough.(if water is less you can add while binding,so take care not to make the dough soggy)Into the water add the oil and salt.Now gradually mix in the flour(this way its quicker to bind,and less to knead).and bind to a soft dough.apply curd on the outer and set aside covered.(minimum 10 minutes).

For the radish filling;

2-3 grated white radish

2-green chillies

2 tsp.cummin seeds.

pepper corns-1 tsp.(adjust to your taste)

coriander leaves chopped

salt to taste

Immerse the grated radish in  water and squeeze out dry and set aside.Grind green chillies,pepper,and cummin seeds to a coarse paste.Mix into the grated radish,the ground mixture and the coriander leaves.add salt to taste.

Note:You can slightly saute the grated radish in ghee/butter/olive oil if you like,but i use it raw.

Roll the chappathis on a floured board.Place the filling and seal the edges with water.Make into squares,rectangles or any shape you desire and cook on a slow fire,on a tawa.serve hot with mint chutney or tomato chutney

For non-vegetarians:while making the chappathi you could add beaten egg to cover the parathas on both sides/one side.This is still more softer and tastier,

Variations; Minced meat curried or boiled can be added to the grated radish

Grated paneer could be added to the radish.

Scrambled egg could be added to the radish

Grated carrot/palak(spinach leaves)/spring onions could be added to the radish

Finely chopped and sauteed radish leaves with chilli flakes n lime could be added.

If more spice is required you could add  ingredients like ginger garlic paste, garam masala,chilli powder tomato,or amchur powder(dry mango powder).

From my experience when you are clueless what to make for a quick dinner,this one is a treat mostly for vegan lovers!


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