This is a quick,healthy protein and iron rich

recipe to make for breakfast or a snack.


1 cup butter peas

1 big tomato (remove seeds)

1/2 a capsicum chopped or 2 green chillies

A bunch of spinach leaves

1 tsp.chilli flakes

1-2 pip garlic finely chopped

olive oil/mustard oil-2 tblsp

1-2 tblsp vinegar or lime

mozzarella or any cheese grated(the quantity

depends on the consumer)

salt to taste


You can butter the bread ,but i use it plain, as

oil is used in the topping.

Cook the peas till soft.

Mix all the ingredients with the peas.

Arrange on bread slices.sprinkle cheese and

bake in a hot oven(200 degrees) for 10-15 mins


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