6 eggs

1 tblsp.instant cofee

2 cups flour

pinch of salt

1/2 tsp. vanilla

2 cups sugar

1cup boiling water

2 tsp.baking powder

1 cup chopped walnuts

Mix coffee in boiling water.

Sift flour,baking powder and salt.

Separate the yolks from the whites of egg.

Beat the egg whites  untill stiff .

Add in the egg yolks and the sugar,and the

coffee decoction  gradually  .

Fold in the flour and walnuts(do not beat),

beginning with the flour and ending with the


Blend evenly.Pour into a greased baking tray or

two trays(so you needn’t have the hassle of

cutting the cake equally into two) and bake in a

moderate oven for 30 minutes.

Coffee Butter Icing

1 cup butter

4 cups icing sugar

2 tbsp instant cofee mixed in half cup milk.

Beat all ingredients,untill the cream holds peaks.

Add half tsp.vanilla essence and frost the cake.

Topping or decorating the sides with praline

gives a richer taste.

For the praline:

25 g cashewnuts/or walnuts/almonds.

25g.sugar and 4 tblsp.water.

Heat all these together on  a slow fire without

stirring,till it turns a nice golden color.

Pour onto a buttered dish  or wooden board .

Allow to harden and crush and use.

Before you add icing to the cake .Brush the cake with some coffee decoction(1 tblsp. of brandy or rum added(optional).to have a moist cake.Take care not to make the cake soggy.Just brushing the surfaces where your going to ice is enough.



6-7 slices bread

1/2 cup sugar

2-3 Tblsp.ghee(clarified butter)

10- 15 Cashewnuts

1 tbsp.raisins

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup mawa or thickened milk(you could add 2-3 tblsp milk powder as a substitute )

Yellow coloring or saffron strands soaked in milk.

a pinch of nutmeg.

vanilla essence-1/4 tsp

elaichi powder-1/4 tsp.(cardamon powder)

Cut the bread into cubes.Heat ghee in a pan,and fry the bread till golden brown.Then add the milk and let it combine and thicken.Add the sugar and milk powder or mawa.Lastly add the nuts.spices and essence and combine well.Serve warm.

Note:You could add more ghee if you prefer a more richer taste

This is a quick and easy dessert.



8-10 chappathis
2 big onions
2 tomatoes
2 tsp. chilli powder
1/4tsp. pepper powder
1/4tsp. turmeric powder
1/2tsp. garam masala powder
3-4 eggs

Grind onions tomatoes to a coarse paste. Heat 2 tablespoons oil, add ground onion- tomato paste and stir till  the raw smells gone, add all spices, then the eggs and scramble.(not very dry) Remove from fire. Place a tablespoon of egg filling on the chapathi and roll.

This is a very quick and easy snack ,and a good fit  for lunch boxes.



250 gm meat cubes or minced meat preferable

1cup gram dal

1 inch piece ginger

4-5 pips of garlic


3 cloves

2 cardamom

Small piece cinnamon

Whole pepper 2tsp.

5-6 red chillies

Curry leaves

Boil all the above ingredients with 1/2 cup water till water dries up then add salt to taste, allow to cool. Grind to a coarse paste.

Ingredients for binding:
Finely cut onions
2-3 green chillies
1 egg
Add these to the ground meat mixture and form to desired shapes and deep fry.

Variation: Boiled egg cut or whole can be coated with this mixture and fried.


500 gm boneless chicken

2-3 tblsp.ginger-garlic paste

1/2 lemon

2-3 green chillies

2 tblsp.chopped coriander leaves

2 leaves

1 tsp.carom seeds(ajwain,omum)

1 tsp.gram flour

2-3 tblsp.curd

1/2 egg

1 tsp.garam masala powder

2 tblsp mustard oil.

salt to taste

Cut chicken into cubes.Add lime juice and salt and keep aside.

Make a chutney out of green chillies,coriander and mint leaves.

Beat curd.Add ginger-garlic paste chutney,carom seeds,besan egg and garam masala.Add salt.

Mix the boneless with the marinade and set aside for two hours.

Put on skewers and cook under a grill or oven till done.


Another Treat for # sugar free lovers………..


75 gm flour

100 gm dates

50gm chopped nuts

2 eggs

4-5 tblsp. honey

1/4 tsp.baking powder

pinch of salt

50 gm melted margarine or butter

a little icing sugar for sprinkling

Sieve together the flour,baking powder and salt.Mix in the chopped dates and nuts.Blend together the fat eggs and honey.Add the dry ingredients and stir untill thoroughly combined.Pour into a well greased 8 inch tin and bake in a moderate oven (180 Degrees) untill golden color .Cut into bars and sprinkle icing sugar.Those who don’t like sugar can drizzle with honey.


This cake is a good one for those who have a watch on their sugar levels,and those who follow strict diet rules.


50 gm butter

100 gm flour(plain or wheat)

1 tsp.baking powder

1 tsp. powdered spice(cardamon,nutmeg,cloves)

1 tsp.ground ginger (dry/fresh)

1 tsp. sesame seeds(chia seeds/pumpkin seeds/flax seeds/poppy seeds could be used)

1-1 1/2 cup honey

1 egg beaten

1/4 cup milk

Rub fat into the flour and add all other ingredients.Add the baking powder dissolved in a milk.Add sufficient milk to get the desired consistency.Pour into  desired moulds and bake in a moderate (180 degrees) for 25- 30 minutes,if desired you could sprinkle some sugar on the top before baking.


This recipe is for some people who don’t know how to make soft iddlis.There are some who really dont know,the measurements or the ratio of rice to be used.So  these are particularly for them.


1 cup urad dhal(black gram dal or ulundu)

3+1/2 cup boiled rice(iddli rice)

1/2 cup white rice

1 tsp.fenugreek seeds

Handful of poha (beaten rice flakes (white).

Sea salt 2 tblsp.

Soak all these ingredients for two to three hours,and grind well.

NOTE:If you are using a grinder,grind all together with enough water.(you needn’t pour extra water before steaming).The consistency should not be thick.Mix in salt and allow to ferment for 5-6 hours.steam in iddli moulds.

If you are using a mixer or blender grind in little quantities.

Some use bicarbonate of soda to the iddli batter which i will not suggest to be used.This batter produces really good and soft spongy iddlis.You could make crispy dosas  too with the same batter.

Traditional type iddlis are ground with a little pepper,cummin seeds,and a tblsp. of sesame oil(which makes the iddlis soft).

Serve with sambar and chutney.


Those who don’t like the taste of this vegetable,will really love this salad  no doubt!


2-3 bitter gourd seeds removed and cut

thinly(round or strips)

1/2 tsp chilli powder

1/2 tsp.pepper powder

2 green chillies (sliced fine)

1 tomato (sliced fine)

1-2 tblsp.coconut milk

1/2 cup pineapple chopped ( optional)

salt to taste

1-2 tblsp.lime juice

Coriander leaves for garnishing

Add chilli powder and salt to the bitter gourd,set aside for 5 mins.

Fry to a golden brown color.

Drain on kitchen paper.

Mix all other ingredients.Serve with rice/fried rice.

Note:Once fried the bitterness of this vegetable will be minimal.

Tip to remove bitterness:

1.Don’t put away the water you wash rice with,instead use it to soak the    cut gourd for 10 minutes. Wash again and use.From my experience i think this is the best method for removing the bitterness.

2.Mix with turmeric powder and set aside for 5 mins.Wash and use.

3.Soak in buttermilk.wash and use.

4.Use tamarind water to soak.wash and use.

 5.Use jaggery water to soak.wash and use.

6.Cut and just put it on the clean counter top for some time.

These are some of the options i have tried.Do

send me your comments.



1 cup thick coconut milk

1/4 cup cream(optional)

6 eggs

250gm  jaggery (heat this in a pan with a little water and make into syrup strain and keep ready)

1/4 tsp.mace powder

rose essence or vanilla essence

1/8 tsp.cardamon powder

a pinch of salt

Beat eggs till frothy,add all other ingredients.pour into ramekins.sprinkle some broken cashews and raisins. Bake in a moderate oven for 35 mins or a skewer inserted comes out clean.

Note:The ramekins have to be placed in a tray of water while baking.

You can steam this dessert if you don’t opt to bake.

If theres left over jaggery syrup, you could pour  over a tsp.of it while serving.


This dessert is made by using 3 types of milk,

that’s why it is named ‘tres.’

This is a quick,easy and yummy dessert!


1 tin condensed milk

1/2 cup cream

2 cups milk

7 eggs

vanilla essence 1 tsp.

pinch of nutmeg

For the caramel

1/2 cup sugar

2 -3 tblsp.water

a drop of lime juice(this is used to prevent the

caramelised sugar from hardening)

To make Caramel

Heat all ingredients on a slow flame patiently.

till you see a nice golden brown syrup,and add

lime.(take care not to burn the sugar).

Pour the caramel in the pan you chose to bake,

and make sure the syrup spreads at the bottom

of the pan.


Blend all the ingredients for the flan,in a mixer.

Pour over the set caramel,and bake in a

moderate oven ( 180C) for 60 minutes.

Insert a fork ,if it comes out clean its done.

Cool and  keep in the fridge for a minimum of 6

hours,or maximum 12 hours.

Turn over carefully.Slice and serve.

Note:The flan tin should be placed in a bigger

pan with hot water,and placed in the oven. ( A



This prawn dish is an excellent side dish for rice,noodles or chappathis or a stuffing for a frankie or bun it tastes  great!

250 gm large/medium sized prawns with tails

15 cashewnuts ground

2 tsp.chilli paste

2 tblsp.lemon juice

1 tsp prawn paste(grind 4-5 prawns)

1 tbsp.sugar

1/2 cup onions ground

4-5 tbsp. oil

1 tsp.vinegar

2 tsp.ginger-garlic paste

salt to taste

Soak the prawns,leaving the tails in a little water with alittle sugar.(to make the prawns fresh and crunchy).

Heat oil.Fry the onion paste  with the ginger garlic paste.

Fry till brown.Add chilli and prawn paste and fry further for 5 mins.

Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for another 10 minutes.

Garnish with spring onions.


This is a very healthy sweet .Those who don’t prefer the top baked crust can serve only the date and nut layer.Its a wholesome meal,for people who want to skip a meal.


2 cup seedless dates (steamed for 20 mins)

2 cups almonds

1 cup coconut scrapings ( desiccated coconut

can be used)

2 tblsp. honey

1/2 tsp.cinammon powder

orange essence/ grated rind of 1 orange

Roast almonds.blend coarsely along with all

other ingredients.

For the oatmeal crust:

200 gm rolled oats

3/4 cup flour

150 gm butter

3/4 cup demerara sugar (brown sugar)

1/2 tsp.baking powder

1/8 tsp.ground cinammon

Pulse all these ingredients in a blender untill

crumbly and comes together.

Grease  a baking tray,and press half of the


Spread the date mixture on the crust.

With the remaining crumble press to compact.

Bake in a moderate oven(180 degrees) for 20 to 25 mins.Cool.

Cover with a plastic wrap and place in a

refrigerator  for at least an hour so you can cut

firm and easy.

You could store this for a week in the




Paneer or cottage cheese-200gm cubed

Almonds or Cashew

A big bunch of curry leaves (stalks removed)

4-5 dry red chillies/green chillies

Garlic-6-7 pips

Cummin seeds -1 tblsp.

1 tsp.garam masala

Pepper powder-1/2 tsp

Thick coconut milk -1 cup

Onion -1 big diced

Curd or lime juice 1 tblsp.

Honey or sugar -2 tsp.

Ghee or olive oil-2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Heat 1 tblsp. of oil and saute, the chillies,cummin seeds,curry leaves, garlic, cashew/almonds lightly for 5 mins.Grind this to a smooth paste and keep aside. Saute the paneer cubes in the remaining oil,remove and keep aside.In the same pan, add the onions and saute till brown.Add the rest of the ingredients except coconut milk and cook for 2 mins.Lastly add coconut milk and sprinkle some cut dry chillies.Serve hot.

Note:As i dont like to use fresh cream in savouries i suggested coconut could use fresh cream too.

Good accompaniment for Chappathis and Rotis,

When curry leaves are added in curries or other dishes we tend to remove it while eating,so i think its a good dish for those who want to cut on cholesterol levels,and this dish gives you the full benefits of the curry leaf.

POORI ‘N’CHOLE (chick peas/kabuli channa)

Ingredients for Poori.(serves 3-4)

1 cup flour(you could use wheat flour too)

1 tblsp.oil/butter/ghee

2 tsp.rawa/semolina(this is used to retain the puffed up state)

enough water to bind,(sprite or soda water is best to keep the pooris puffed up for some time).if using soda dont use water.

Note:The way of mixing is important.I suggest you add the flour to the liquid, rather then adding liquid to the flour.This saves time and the necessity to keep on kneading does not arise,and good puffed up pooris are gotten.

Tip:Pooris should be deep fried only in hot oil.(take care not to burn it).a pinch of salt can be added to the oil for the oil free look.

For the chole:

1 teacup channa(white or brown soaked overnight or a minimum of 6 hours)

2 chopped onions

2 tomatoes

1 potato diced(optional)

1 tsp.saunf

1 tblsp.coriander powder

1 tblsp cummin powder(if roasted and ground with a little curry leaves it enhances the  flavour and aroma)

1 tsp.chilli powder(if you need more spice you could add to your taste)

1 tblsp.amchur powder(mango powder).if unavailable substitute with lime juice or tamarind extract

1 tsp.garam masala powder

1/2 pepper powder

3 tab ghee or any oil of your choice

1 inch ginger chopped

2 green chillies chopped

1 tsp.honey

1 tblsp.dried fenugreek leaves(kasuri methi)

Cook the chick peas in a pressure cooker,untill soft.heat the ghee in a pan,and fry the diced potatoes untill soft.remove and keep aside.In the same oil,add saunf onions and the tomatoes with salt and saute till you see the tomatoes soft.Then add all other powdered spices,and cook for a minute.Add the chick peas mashed coarsely. Add the ginger and green chillies and cook for another 5 mins. Lastly add the honey and kasuri methi leaves,and remove from fire.

garnish with coriander leaves.

This is best when served hot for breakfast or any meal you prefer.