This burfi can be made with fresh coconut or dessicated coconut,but i like the taste of fresh coconut,so here it iis with fresh coconut.

1 cup fresh grated coconut

3/4 cup sugar

a pinch of salt

a pinch of elaichi powder


1/4 cup water

powdered cashew(optional)

Melt the sugar with the water till sugar dissolves, (dont allow the sugar to crystallise)add the coconut and elaichi powder,and salt.Keep stirring on a slow flame till you see the coconut and sugar well blended. Add coloring(you can separate the mix and use two colors).Flatten the mix on  a buttered dish.Press on the powdered cashew on the top and cut into desired shapes.Can be stored for a week.

Note:you could use 1/4 cup milk powder if you like the milky coconut taste.


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