Ginger the wonder spice has ever so many health benefits which cannot be listed.In India it is liberally used in daily life.Ginger infused tea is,is a household favourite and grandma’s antidote for cold and flu.Ginger can be used fresh,dried or as on oil or juice. Ginger  juice is used for treating loss of appetite,nausea ,and vomitting.So now for the recipe.


250 gms ginger

500 gms sugar

10 cardamons

10 cloves

a small piece cinammon

3 red chillies(seeds removed)

8 limes

2 bottles water

1/4 tsp.meta-bi-sulphate

30 ml rum or brandy(optional)

Clean ginger,and soak it in water overnight.The next day,crush ginger,cardamons,cloves and cinammon.Cut the redchillies.Tie all these spices loosely in a muslin cloth.

Brown half of the sugar.Add 2 bottles of water to it,along with the sugar and the tied spices.Boil the water for 45 minutes.Allow to cool.Remove the spice bag.Add lime juice and meta-bi-sulphate.Strain and bottle.Rum or brandy can be poured into the bottle before filling the wine.

Needs no fermentation.Chill and serve.

Note:This wine can be used when making desserts,or in meat dishes too.


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