Im giving you measurements here for 1 big apple.Those who like bigger quantities please,please do use your mathematical skills…..Now for the recipe

1 big apple(i used the fijian)

1/2 cup sugar

7-8 seedless dates

a pinch of cinammon powder

nutmeg -a pinch

flax seed powder-1/4 cup

a pinch of camphor powder(used for sweets)

3-4 tblsp.cornflour mixed in half cup water


Cashewnuts/almonds and raisins lightly roasted in ghee

Peel and grate the apple, and immediately toss in 1/4 tsp.of lime juice to prevent browning.Pour a little boiling water on the dates to soften,and mash them (no need to be fine).

Heat ghee and cook the grated apples.Cook well till you see the apples soft.Add the dates,sugar,flaxseed powder and mix well.Then add sugar.After the sugar melts,add the cornflour mixture and mix well.Now start adding the ghee little by little and mix well. Add nuts.Keep adding ghee till you see the halwa leaving the sides of the pan and is thick .

Note :Those who need a more richer taste could add mawa(1/8 cup).I did it without mawa and it really tasted good…



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