Crab for sea food lovers is always a delight,in whatever form it is served, whether its a curry,a fry,or a soup its aroma drags you to it.

Whenever its crab day in my kitchen ,i always think of my mothers authentic curry,the aroma and the flavour unmatched.

So now i bring you another baked crab delight!


4 large crabs

For the sauce

3/4 cup coconut milk

3-4 red chillies ground

2 medium sized onions ground

1 tblsp. ginger paste

4 tblsp.butter/ghee

1 tblsp.garam masala powder

1 tomato pureed

1 tblsp.sugar

salt to taste.

For the glaze

1 tblsp.olive oil/or any oil

2 tblsp. butter

50 gm grated cheese

25 gm slightly roasted breadcrumbs


Remove the shells taking care not to chip it.Clean the shells thoroughlly boil it,remove from water and keep aside.

Boil the flesh separately in salted water and simmer for 5-10 minutes.Do not overcook as the meat will become soggy.Scoop out all the flesh from the crab.

Heat ghee.Fry the ground masala.Add the tomato juice and fry for a minute.Add coconut milk,sugar and salt to taste

.Simmer for a few minutes and remove from fire.Add garam masala.Mix the sauce and the crab meat together.

Brush the outside of the shells with a little oil.

Pack the crabmeat into the shells.Place in a baking dish,and sprinkle grated cheese on top.

Cover with a thin layer of bread crumbs.Add a drop of butter on each crab and bake in a moderate oven till cheese turns golden brown.


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