This recipe is in connection with the blacmange(eggless)recipe i posted yesterday.For those who are in confusion of the quantity of condensed milk to be used(if substituting for fresh milk) here’s the recipe with pineapple.You could use different types of fruits instead of pineapple but the quantity of other ingredients will be the same.

Ingredients for the base

200 gm ginger biscuits

100 gms butter

400-450 gms stewed pineapple pieces


ingredients for the custard

1/4 tin condensed milk

3/4 tin water

1 tsp.vanilla essence

2 tblsp.cornflour

1 tsp.ginger syrup

3 tblsp chopped ginger preserve

Crush the biscuits.Melt the butter.Pour onto the crushed biscuits.Mix well and press onto a 7 inch diameter mould.Allow to set in the fridge for 20 mins.Mix the cornflour in a little diluted condensed milk.Heat the milk,and when it starts to boil,lower the flame add the cornflour mix to it .When it thickens add ginger preserve and vanilla.

Spread half the stewed pineapple in the prepared base.Next keep layering with alternate layers of pineapple and custard.

Decorate with cherries.Chill and seve.


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