This cake is made with less flour,and sooji/rawa/semolina is used instead.The older this cake gets, the richer and tastier it becomes like wine.So now for the recipe…..

6 oz.butter

8 oz.semolina

8 oz.sugar

3 eggs

3 tblsp.golden syrup

2 oz.flour

2 tsp.baking powder

4 oz.chopped dates

4 oz.chopped nuts

4 oz.chopped cherries

4 oz.chopped peel

1 tsp.vanilla

4 oz.chopped ginger preserve

4 oz.pumpkin preserve

1/2 tsp almond essence

1/2 tsp.rose essence

1 tsp.mixed spice

a lined tin( 1-2 brown paper sheets at the bottom to prevent burning at the bottom of the cake)

1/4 cup rum or brandy(optional to soak)

Chop the fruits.Cream the butter and the sugar together.Beat the eggs lightly.Add all other ingredients and mix well.Bake in a moderate oven (160-175 degrees) untill done.

Note.Allow the cake to cool in the tin and then remove.

 Add 2 tblsp.of brandy on top of the cake after baking.Wrap in aluminium foil and keep   aside for at least a day  for good results.

 Remember to toss the dried fruits in a little four before adding to the mix,otherwise the fruits will sink to the bottom of the cake.


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