This tangy chicken is a good side dish for any meal.You could use boneless chicken,or whole cut chicken.
500 gm chicken
2 tblsp.tamarind(if using paste 1 tblsp.)
1 cup thick coconut milk
1inch piece cinnamon
1 tblsp. Coriander seeds roasted
1/2 tsp.Cummin seed powder
1 tsp.lemon zest
Juice of 1 lemon/orange
1 inch piece ginger
1 tblsp.honey
1 tblsp.chilli powder
3-4 dry chillies

First fry or grill the chicken and set aside.Grind all the ingredients except the coconut milk and dry chillies.Heat a tblsp.of oil.Add the dry chillies,next add the ground paste,the coconut milk and the chicken and cook till thick.Garnish with spring onions and pickled/plain green chillies.

Note:You can use plain chicken without frying or grilling.
You can replace honey with 2 tblsp.of jaggery scrapings.

Variations :Use mince and make balls and add to sauce.
Mince and the tamarind sauce is a good filling for samosas,parathas.
As usual go ahead with your imaginations…and please do send me your comments.


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