This particular dosai or pesarattu(called in India) and a dish from the andhra kitchen,is good source of protein. People struck with diabetes,and those who are watching their calories can opt.for this.for the recipe now..
Ingredients (serves3-4)
1 cup whole green gram
1handful of raw rice/basmati /red rice/brown rice
2tsp.Cummin seeds
1 inch piece ginger
2 green chillies/red chillies
Salt to taste
1/4 coconut piece or scrapings(optional)
Oil/ghee /butter

Wash and soak the rice and the gram for minimum 15 minutes. Then grind with the rest of the ingredients except the oil to a coarse paste.add salt. Mix well,and make like dosai,adding ghee or butter for crisper ones.Serve with chutney.
Now I give you a recipe for ambarella chutney. This particular fruit is available in srilanka. You can substitute raw mango for this.
Ambarella chutney
1heaped tsp.of chilli flakes
1ambarella skinned and cut/1/2 raw mango.
1/2 onion
6-7 almonds
1/4 tsp.cummin powder
Salt to taste
Blend all these in a mixe and serve.No need to temper or heat.


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