This is a signature street food in Pondicherry (a state in Tamil Nadu with french influence).This type of fritters are also made with fish and egg,and mostly sold in street corners and beaches,and no doubt you can’t stop with one…what i mean is not one prawn fritter,but a colander full.

Now for my version of the fritter recipe:


250 gm prawns(remove the shell,and leave the tail on)

For the marinade

1-2 tsp chilli powder and salt to taste.

For the batter

1 cup gram dhal flour (besan flour)

1 tblsp.rice flour

1/8 cup plain flour

1-2 tsp.chilli powder/pepper powder 

1 tsp fennel seeds or saunf

1 garlic crushed

a pinch of asafoetida  powder(optional)

a pinch of soda bicarbonate

1/2 cup water

salt to taste

oil for frying the fritters


First clean the prawns, and marinade till you prepare the batter.

Mix all the ingredients listed for the batter without lumps.If the batter is too thick you could add little

water.Heat oil. Take two tblsp.from the oil that is heating,and pour into the batter,and mix well.

(This is for the oil free look and texture).Dip the prawns in the batter,and fry on medium heat till golden


Serve plain or with any sauces of your choice

Tip:If your not able to get big prawns,you  could use small prawns and fry like ball shaped fritters.

Fish fritters:Use fish fillets,or fish with minimal bones.The best choice for fish fritters is sea

bass(koduwa in tamil)

Egg fritters:Use hard boiled egg,cut in twos or fours,and deep fry




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