This is made in a special type of pan(see photo),called kuli paniyaram moulds in south india.This is good for a snack,or lunch box for kids,or even a starter.Simple and very very easy to make,with less oil.
1cup Palak or spinach leaves
1 cup flour
2 green chillies
3-4 pips of garlic
1 tsp.cummin seeds powder
1/2 -3/4,cup Parmesan or Feta cheese shreds
1/4 tsp.Pepper powder
1 egg
Salt to taste
Oil or butter
Saute the Palak leaves garlic and green chillies in 1 tsp.Oil/butter n grind to a coarse paste.Mix the rest of the ingredients and make a thick batter.Heat the moulded pan, add a tsp.of oil in each mould.Pour the batter in each mould to the brim.cook on a slow flame.Turn each nibble carefully and cook the other side.Remove and repeat the process.
Tip You can add boiled and shredded chicken,paneer and minced meat,fish and prawns too.
Those who don’t have the moulds,can deep fry in Oil(not for those who diet).or make mini pancakes.
Health peek Spinach is rich in iron and minerals. As some kids do not like greens this is a good way to include in the diet.




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