Caramel Pudding (2 versions)

I’m giving you here two types of caramel basic pudding,one with fresh milk,and the other using condensed milk.You could try the same with thick coconut milk or tinned coconut milk.
With fresh milk
500 ml milk
5 eggs
5-6 tblsp.of sugar
1 tsp.vanilla essence
2 tblsp.custard powder (optional)
a pinch of nutmeg
For the caramel
2 tblsp.white or brown sugar
1-2 tblsp water
One drop lime juice (to avoid crystallisation).
First mix a little milk to the custard powder,and gradually add the rest of the milk.Beat the eggs with the vanilla essence lightly and add to the milk with the nutmeg and set aside.
To caramelise
Use a thick bottomed pan and first add the sugar (low flame). Once u see the color change add the water and heat till you get a nice golden color(take care not to burn)add a drop of lime juice.Remove immediately from fire. You could use the same pan for steaming the pudding or pour the caramel quickly into the pan you like to make,and coat the base with the caramel.Add the milk.(if you like a deeper yellow you could add yellow Coloring).Cover with foil or cling wrap and steam for 30-35 minutes,or untill done.
Allow to cool and turn over carefully and serve.
This can be served warm or cold.
condensed milk version
1 tin condensed milk
7-8 eggs
1/2 cup water to mix  with condensed milk.
This is the only variation in the condensed milk caramel Pudding recipe.The method is the same.No need to add sugar to the milk.Use only the sugar to caramelise.The number of eggs and milk,and no sugar is the only variation.
You could bake this dessert too in ramekins slightly immersed in water in a moderate oven for 20-25 minutes.(no need to cover).Can be served with fresh cream(optional)


Photo credits:Raffaella fernando photography.


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