Avial(mixed vegetable delight)

This dish is made with a rich taste of coconut and curd.You could make with a single vegetable or a mix of vegetables.
Suggestion of vegetables
Only broad beans
Only raw plantain
Only ladies finger
Combination of carrot,raw banana,beans,drumstick
Combination of pumpkin yellow or white,mango,and banana
Bottle gourd,cucumber,carrot
Like this you could try this dish.Keralite platter is never served without including this dish.
So now for the simple and easy recipe
1 raw banana
2 carrots
100 gm broad beans/beans
2 green chillies
1/4 cup coconut
3-4 tblsp roasted gram dal or 1 tblsp.rice flour.
1 tblsp.cummin seeds
2 tblsp.ghee or coconut oil(coconut oil is traditionally used)
1/2 cup curd or unsweetened yoghurt
Method:Boil the vegetables with 1 cup water.
Grind the bold listed.
Once the vegetables are cooked,add the ground mixture cook for 2 minutes. Remove from fire.Add curd and oil. Add salt to taste.Mix well and serve.
This can be served with rice and chappathis.


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