These type of crunchy stuff is the favourite of all ages.You could store these for 1-2 days.The leftover pakodas can be dropped into kormas or gravies.Im going to give you the basic recipe with many variations.
For the basic pakodas
1 cup gram flour(Chickpea, besan)
2 tblsp.rice flour
2 tblsp butter/ghee
2 pips garlic crushed
2 onions sliced fine
2 green chillies sliced diagonally
Curry leaves
1 tsp.saunf or fennel seeds
1/2 -1tsp.chillie powder
1/2 tsp.sesame seeds(optional)
Salt to taste
A pinch of asafoetida.
Oil for frying

Heat the ghee.Mix all other ingredients and add the heated ghee. Sprinkle some water and make it crumbly.The dough should hold onto the tips of your fingers when you press on to drop tiny portions to fry.Fry to a golden brown color.
Now this is the basic recipe.
For the combinations and variations
1.Add chopped mint leaves
2.Add spinach or palak leaves chopped
3.Any type of greens you prefer
4.Add peanuts
6.Cashewnuts and mint
7.Grated carrot or cabbage cut fine
8.Small pieces of fish,chicken,and mince meat prawns can be added to the basic dough.
9.Grated paneer or cottage cheese
10.Brinjals,ladies finger,capsicum chopped fine.
These pakodas added to make pakoda kormas or currys is  good to serve with any rice,chappathis, iddli,stringhoppers, To add to currys you have to add the pakodas after you make the curry,and simmer for just 1-2 minutes,and garnish with coriander leaves.
It is more like a kofta or meatball curry the only difference is the crude shape,and not like a ball.

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