White pumpkin and coconut milk halwa

Sweets made with vegetables with water content like this is good to beat down the heat in summer.I tried this with the combination of thick coconut milk and it turned out yummy!So let’s get into the recipe.
250 gm white pumpkin
100 gm brown sugar (if you need more u can add)
I cup thick coconut milk
A pinch of saffron strands
A pinch of salt
3 tblsp.cornflour
A pinch of edible camphor(optional)
1 cup ghee
Few cashewnuts
1/4 tsp powdered cardamon

First peel off the skin from the pumpkin,and remove seeds.Cut into cubes and puree it in a blender.This will give you approximately 1+1/4 cups of puree.
Heat 1 tsp.ghee in a thick bottomed pan and lightly fry the cashews and set aside.
Into the same vessel,add the puree and allow to cook till partially dry.Then add the thick coconut milk.Once this has reached a boil.Add the cornflour(Mix with a little water) after lowering the flame gradually.After adding the cornflour increase the heat and keep stirring till it is lightly thick.Then add the sugar and half of the ghee.Keep stirring.Gradually add the rest of the ghee 1 tblsp at a time.Add rest of the ingredients.
Note:You have to add ghee till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan and the mixture sticks onto the spoon you are stirring with,so you may have to add more ghee if needed.
Transfer onto a greased tray.Allow to cool Apply 1 tsp.of ghee on top.Cut into desired shapes.


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