This laddu is usually made with coconut ,milk powder,condensed milk  with sugar and

cashewnuts. As usual i made a twist ,with powdered  almonds and jaggery (the light yellow

one or vellam ).Try this recipe and send in your comments.


2 cups rawa/semolina

1/2 cup  sugar lightly powdered (organic/sulphur free)

1/2 cup almonds powdered

1/4 cup milk powder (optional)

1/2 cup vellam /jaggery powdered

3-4 cardamons powdered

1/4 tsp nutmeg powder (optional)

1 -1.5 cups ghee

few raisins lightly fried in ghee

1/4 cup cashewnuts lightly fried in ghee

a little milk  to bind and apply  on hands to make hassle free ladoos


Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan,add the rawa and roast till you get a nice aroma.(not


Next add the vellam,sugar ,and the rest of the ingredients and heat for just 1-2 minutes

Remove from fire and transfer to a bowl to avoid browning at the bottom.

Mix thoroughly.

Apply milk on your palms and shape into laddoos

Note: If the mixture turns dry,and not able to shape add a little milk .






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