This is the second version of carrot halwa  i’m posting.This version is with rawa /semolina

and the sweetness added with jaggery and sugar.(this time it’s demerera sugar)

Sweets like this are gluten free and healthy too.

Well let’s get into the recipe.


2 cups carrot grated

1/4 cup semolina /rawa

3/4 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup vellam(yellow jaggery)

3/4 cup ghee

100 gms cashewnuts(fried in ghee slightly/or used plain)

50 gm raisins

a pinch of salt

edible camphor a pinch(optional)

1/2 tsp.cardamon/elaichi powder

1.5 cup thick milk


Heat half the ghee,and cook the carrots and the rawa till the raw smell  disappears.

Add the milk and cook till milk evaporates.

Add the rest of the ingredients ,except the remaining ghee and cook well till the mixture

gets thick.

Now add the remaining ghee and cook for a further 1 minute.

Serve warm or cold.

Variation:You could add 1/2 cup almond powder and minimise to 1 cup milk.

You could use condensed milk,or powdered milk.

Well..I love to use only pure cows milk.!

Enjoy the twist and send me your feedback!








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