This is a north Indian sweet,which is absolutely

gluten free.

It is a variation of rasgulla sweet,originating

from Bengal (India) .

Results will be  best,only if you use the best

cottage cheese,or home made paneer.

If you are using store bought paneer,make sure

the paneer is too soft and  at room


So for my version of pineapple chum chum


200 gm paneer/cottage cheese

1.5 tsp.rawa (semolina/rulang) or substitute

with 2 tsp arrowroot.

1 tsp.sugar

For the syrup

1 cup sugar

2 cups water

1/2 tsp.cardamon powder

1/2 tsp pineapple essence.

a few saffron strands/yellow coloring

a pinch of salt

For the filling

1/4 cup khova (mawa unsweetened)

10-15 almonds

10-15 cashewnuts

grated lemon rind 1/4 tsp.

small bits of dehydrated pineapple or stewed


nuts like pistachios,watermelon seeds can be


few cherries to decorate


Knead the paneer ,rawa,and sugar well  to a

soft  pliable dough.

You could use a food processor too.

Make into desired shape ,and set aside.

Now to prepare the syrup

Add all ingredients for syrup in a pressure cooker.

When it is about to boil ,drop in the chum

chums carefully.

Close the lid with the vent on,and cook to two


Allow to cool in the cooker itself for 45 minutes.

Open the lid and allow to cool thoroughly.

Once cool slit in the centre and add the filling.

Decorate with cherries.

For the filling-Mix all ingredients listed for

filling and stuff the chum chums.

Note : Do not slit the chum chum when it is

hot .









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