MOHANTHAL(gram flour sweet)

Yet another gluten free sweet from  northern india.!Statistics show that most of the

indian sweets are gluten free,and this sweet is worth the try.

This is not a one pot mix ,and you  need a little patience  to get the correct texture.

The besan or chick pea flour or gram dal flour used to make this is, highly nutritious

and protein rich.This is not only good for the internal body,but also good to improve

texture of skin.

Let’s get into the recipe now!


2 cups gram flour

2 cups sugar

3/4 cup water

1/2 cup mawa (khova/khoya) -optional

1 cup ghee (clarified butter)

6-7 tblsp.fresh milk

1 tsp.cardamon powder

3/4 cup mixed nuts sliced fine (almonds,cashews,pistachios,watermelon seeds if available)

silver vark (optional)

a pinch of salt


Mix in 4 tblsp.of ghee (from the 1 cup ghee),and the milk  to the gram flour and bind

together(do not add any water),and set aside till you prepare the syrup.

To prepare the syrup: 

Make a one string syrup,with the water and sugar and set aside.

Final mix:

Heat the rest of the ghee add the besan mixture and keep mixing without any big lumps.

Grainy texture is only needed.(don’t let the mix turn dark brown).When its light brown

add the mawa and nuts and mix well for 5 minutes.Remove from fire.

Mix in the sugar syrup,and again keep on fire and keep mixing till the mixture leaves the

sides of the pan.(not too dry otherwise it will crumble)

Pour into a greased tray,allow to cool.

Top with a few more nuts,and cut into desired shapes.

If using silver vark,put it at this stage.

Can be stored in the fridge for a month.

Variation : You could add half coconut and half mawa.










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