ALMOND APPLES(Badam katli)

Almonds contain  healthy fats,protein and vitaminE. Almonds lower blood sugar ,reduce

blood pressure and cholesterol levels.So don’t worry about having this sweet.This again is

from the Indian sweetlist.

Almond Katli is made with powdered  blanched almonds.If almond powder is available it

will be still easier.

You can make any shape you prefer,or flatten it and cut into thin pieces.

For the recipe now


1 cup almonds (blanched)powdered

3/4 cup sugar

1/4 tsp.powdered cardamons

2 tsp ghee

2-3 tblsp.milk


Heat ghee in a non-stick pan ,add all the ingredients and mix till it reaches a soft dough

consistency.Allow to cool and make into shapes with greased ghee hands.

Paint with  light food color .Decorate with silver vark (optional)

How to blanch almonds

Heat two cups of water.Once it reaches a boil switch off,and add the almonds.Cover and

allow to be in the water  for minimum half an hour.Transfer the almonds into a bowl of

cold/normal water.Press on each almond and the peels will slip off easy.Dry it on a cloth

and powder.





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