FRUIT TRIFLE(with variations)

Trifle desserts  are an all time favourite ,and who doesn’t love this layered and eye

pleasing  dessert.? Trifles originating from England, can be made into different

flavors.Its all in your creativity, that you produce a good combined dessert.This recipe that

i’m going to give you now is free from fresh cream.

Leftover cake pieces ,can be transformed into this lovely dessert.The custard and the fruit

juice ,can be any flavor.Sherry ,rum or brandy can be used with the juice ,or plain fruit

juice,caramel syrup could be used to satisfy the non-alcoholic.Even the sponge can be

different!So hit the innovation button!

Very simple and easy !


For the base

1 thin piece of  vanilla sponge cake (even eggless could be used  BASIC CAKE (EGGLESS)WITH VARIATIONS)

1/2 cup fruit juice (mango and pineapple)

1 cup stewed pineapple pieces  and mango (if available)

2-3 tblsp.sherry.

For the custard (eggless)

2.5 -3 cups milk

2.5  tblsp.vanilla custard powder

2-3 tblsp.sugar


Take  half cup of milk only first, and mix in the  custard powder free from lumps.

Next add the  remaining milk and sugar and heat in a  thick bottomed  pan.Once it has

reached a boil add the milk and custard powder mix.Keep stirring (.Once you add the

custard powder  you should be vigilant or the  custard will get burnt) .When you see the

custard turningthick and glossy,remove from fire and set aside.

For the top layer

1 packet raspberry /strawberry jelly crystals.

Prepare as instructed in the type or brand of jelly you have.

For assembling

Place the thin sponge cake at the bottom of the dish you wish to.

Poke holes with a fork or skewer.Drizzle the sherry over.Next add the

fruit juice.(not too soggy),with the fruit pieces.

Pour the custard over this.

Next slowly pour the jelly,and allow to set in the refridgerator.

 Few variations for trifle

1.Brownie base,or chocolate base+chocolate custard+chocolate ganache.

2.Caramel  sponge+coffee custard+butterscotch candy crumbled+caramel jelly/jaggery


3.Pineapple sponge +coconut milk custard+fruits like pinepple, mango,kiwi+strawberry


4.Red velvet sponge+cream cheese,or vanilla custard +strawberry jelly.

5.Coffee sponge+coffee liquor+cream cheese/mascapone cheese +wine jelly

6.Sponge cake+passion fruit juice+white  chocolate custard+passion fruit jelly

China moss can be used to make jellies of your choice and flavor.

You could top with fresh cream,or instead of custard you can use cream too.

Any type of nuts,macaroons marshmallows ,cubed jellies,can be included.

I have only given an outline of ideas,there are many many more on my mind.

Thought to create a new category titled trifles???













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