Parottas  are usually  layered flat bread ,and is served in all parts of India,whether it’s

a street food stall,restaurant,or five star hotels.This particular flat bread is served in many

ways in many parts of India.In Kerala it’s the Malabar  parotta.Mughlai and Laccha paratha

from Northern India.In Pondicherry  small sized parottas are fried in ghee and served in

banana leaf..Wow !that was really amazing(sorry if you are on a diet).Well,there are days

when those who diet too, crave to eat food like this.(experience speaks ….).

I tried this not so heavy,tasty and crunchy ( trust me..you can eat just like that) with wheat

flour and only a little maida/white flour.This is not too heavy like the normal parotta,its

not hard when its cool.You needn’t pull it apart.(That’s why its soaked in kormas and

eaten)This can be eaten with a snap of two fingers.Kothu Parottas are made with thin

strips of parottas ,vegetables,chicken or any meat you prefer.

Now for the recipe


500 gm wheat flour

5 tblsp.white flour

1 egg

1 tblsp.sugar

1/4 cup curd

1/2 tsp.salt

1 tblsp oil.(to add to the dough)

enough oil or ghee to cook the parottas

To make the dough

Knead all these together with enough water to make a very soft dough. Apply oil on the

dough and  allow to rest for minimum 15 minutes.

(Normal parottas are soaked in oil )

For smearing to get the layers

1/2 cup ghee or butter mixed with 2 tsp.rice flour.

Set this aside and now separate the dough into portions you prefer.

Method to roll 

Keep a little white flour in a separate bowl .Just dab a little flour and roll into a nice circle.

Apply the ghee -rice flour mixture all over on one side.Roll in, the circled dough to a long

roll. Apply some more ghee (use a brush) on the roll (as the ghee smeared part will be

inside).Now roll this like a wheel.(you will be able to see the layers).

Lightly roll it out thin (not very thin).

Use a shallow pan  to make these parottas.Heat two tblsp.oil and cook till done on both

sides.Put it on a plate and puff up the layers by beating on the sides of the parottas.

For a rich lovely taste make this with ghee or butter.You can use any choice of your oil too.

A  matching curry or korma to serve with will be an awesome meal.



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