Flourless cake is a delight for gluten caring people,and this awesome recipe is absolutely

gluten free.

You could  serve it plain with a blob of ice cream or fresh cream without the

chocolate topping if you prefer.Once in a while indulgence  is no sin at all.!

As the baking process takes about 2 hours on a slow oven(in a water bath) ,it is best to

bake the day before ,and refridgerate before adding the toppings.The mixing is very

simple ,and even a beginner can try a hand at this..(by following the rules)

Let’s get into the recipe now

Ingredients for the cake

5 eggs

8 oz.dark chocolate

7 oz. melted butter

8 oz.sugar

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler (bain -marie).Don’t let the vessel containing the

chocolate come in contact with the water as the chocolate will tend to turn bitter.

Once the chocolate is warm add the rest of the ingredients  and beat till the mixture

glossy and well blended.Pour into a cake tin(with parchment /butter paper at the bottom

only).Grease the sides.Keep this tin in a another bigger tray with  water   covering 1/3 of

the cake tin (check water level after an hour and  fill if needed).Bake in a slow oven 160

degrees for 2 hours.

For the Milk Chocolate Ganache

You could use dark chocolate too.


1 cup fresh cream

150 gms of chocolate

1-2 tblsp.of rum or brandy

2 tsp corn syrup or liquid glucose(optional)

Heat the cream ,and add to the chocolate ,and mix well .Add the liquor and mix well.

Pour over cake.Allow to set.

Decorate with chocolate and fresh strawberry or cherries,or any type of berries you like.

Note.After refridgerating the cake(before you add toppings) take care when you

remove the cake from the pan.

Slight heating at the bottom and sides is required to loosen the cake.You could use a

blowtorch ,or heat slightly on the stove.

The photo shows a marble effect .I made a fresh cream coat and then poured the ganache.

You can directly pour the ganache without any fresh cream coat.









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