The  two fruits combined here have amazing benefits .The guava fruit not only has many

benefits,but the leaves and the bark too ,are used in ayurvedic medicines.Dwelling on the

benefits of the fruit,it is good for pressure,diabetes,the glow of skin,good for teeth,for

constipation and many more.

Now for the benefits of amla,nelli or gooseberry are that they purify blood,burn fat,and

equally beneficial like the guava.Almost everyone know to make juices,but it’s the certain

combinations which  some do not have the idea to try.That was the reason i started this

category.So now for the recipe.I used the light green soft variety of guava.You can use the

ripe one if you are not serving a diabetic patient.

INGREDIENTS (serves 1)

1 big guava

1-2 amla depending on the size

a pinch of salt

1 cup water

1 tblsp yoghurt / curd(optional)

1 -2 tblsp.honey /palm sugar /jaggery


Deseed the gooseberry.Blend all the listed ingredients in a juicer and serve.Depending on

the individuals choice ,you could serve it as a smoothie or mixed with water to make a light

drink.(if you do not have a juice extractor,do strain the seeds from the guava if you like)

Variations  1.Green grapes (1/4 cup)can be added  to this juice recipe.

2. 1/4 cup strawberries and guava

3.Amla .ginger,and mint.

4.amla and pineapple

5.amla,white pumpkin

Note.Please do not make ahead and keep.Juices are good made at the time of serving .

Ginger and 1/4 tsp cummin seed powder could be added to all the juices listed if you





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