This is the first time i tried this recipe,and it really tasted good.I got this recipe from an old

recipe book .As it is made with ripe mango,you can keep the cake out only for three days.If you

are storing in the refridgerator you could keep for a week.

You can eat it plain,but it tastes best the following day and after,My suggestions to serve will

be with ice cream ,or top it with light cream cheese frosting.Well,we had it plain as i had

brushed the top with marmalade.For the recipe now.


1 small ripe mango(peeled and sliced thinly)

100 gm sugar

100 gm butter

200 gm flour

100 gm dessicated coconut/freshly grated coconut

8 oz black treacle

1 tsp.mixed ground spice

1 tsp.baking powder

1/8 cup ginger chips chopped

4 eggs

1/8 cup demerera sugar


For the filling

Separate two whites from 2 eggs only,and reserve the yolks .Now lightly heat the coconut egg

whites and the caster sugar and set aside.(3-4 minutes only)

Melt treacle,butter,and demerera sugar .Remove from fire.Add ginger chips,flour,baking

powder,and the spice.Beat the reserved egg yolks and eggs and add to batter.

Pour half the batter in a lined cake tin,Spoon the filling,and top with half the mango pieces.

Add the remaining batter,and top with remaining mango slices,and bake in a moderate oven

(170 degrees) for 1 hour. After it is  done ,brush with marmalade or apricot jam.









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