Frankly speaking this was a failure turned success.Sharing success is fine,likewise sharing flop

shows reverted to something better also ,should be shared,as many people will be facing issues

like this.My idea was to make cashew pistachios roll.But as the cashew mixture was a little dry

i couldn’t roll it fine.A minute of desperation took me over.Caught a glimpse of the mawa

packet in the fridge,within minutes all changed.All was crumbled and made into this marbled

burfi.Within minutes the tray also was seen empty….

So let’s get into the recipe.


1 cup cashewnuts

1/4 cup pistachios (reserve half and chop it)

1/4 cup almonds

100 gm sugar

2 tblsp ghee

50 gm mawa/khova.

1/2 tsp.cardamon powder

few melon seeds

a pinch of green food color (optional)

2-3 tblsp.milk.


Preparation of pista filling

Powder the almonds,pistachios,milk and 2 tblsp.sugar (from the sugar quantity),and color if

you are using and bind together.

Preparation of cashew

Add the remaining sugar and 4-5 tblsp water,ghee,Once the sugar is melted add the cashewnut

powder and mix on a slow fire for few minutes (have a small bowl of water by the side.

When you drop a small blob of the mixture in the water,it should be able, to be rolled between

yours finger without sticking).Transfer the mixture into a bowl and keep mixing till it becomes


Blend the mawa in a mixie,add these two mixtures and just pulse for a second or two.

Transfer the mix into a greased tin ,Sprinkle melon seeds,and pistachios and press on with a

cup for a smooth surface.Cut into shapes you like.


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