This mutton biriyani has the taste of chettinadu biriyani ,because of the methi taste and

aroma.If you compare with each biriyani recipe I have uploaded ,you would notice the

difference in the ingredients and the method prepared.This too has awesome aroma and

taste.So let me share this recipe with you now.


500 gm basmati rice or seeraga samba

400-500 gm mutton

2 onions sliced

a handful of small onions cut

6-7 green chillies

1 tblsp chillie powder

1 tsp.garam masala powder

1/2 tsp.cummin seed powder

8-9 pips of garlic

2″ piece ginger

few mint leaves

4-5 cardamons

7-8 cloves

2-3 strips cinnamon

A small piece sea moss

1 mace

1 tsp.saunf or fennel seeds

4 tomatoes

3/4 cup curd

Juice of 1 lime

Salt to taste

2 tblsp.kasuri methi

1 sprig curry leaves

1/2 cup ghee+1 tblsp.coconut oil


Grind the green chillies,ginger,garlic and add to the mutton pieces with curd and

marinade for a minimum 30-45 minutes.

Heat oil and ghee in a pressure cooker and fry the sliced big onions till brown with the

whole spices,mint and curry leaves.Next add the chopped tomatoes,small onions with a

little salt .Once the tomatoes are soft,add the marinaded mutton with the rest of the

spices,and cook for 5 whistles.(no need to add water now)

Wash and soak the rice for minimum 20-30 minutes.

Once the mutton is done ,and the steam released,mix in the soaked rice.Add water and

lime juice.Water should be 1.5 inches above the rice level.dd the meat pieces.Add few

mint leaves and mix well.check for the correct salt taste.Cover and cook on a slow fire

for 25 minutes or till done.Always remove the cooked pieces of meat and  add the

water.After adding the water add the pieces of meat.If you are cooking in the same

pressure cooker,put the cover on without the whistle.

Once you see the steam coming through put on the whistle,and simmer for 20 minutes.

After 10-15 minutes release the steam.Mix well and serve with raita and other dishes of

your choice.





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