This is the first time I have made this recipe.I must say that this is an awesome and healthy

rasam.I did not have the idea of making with the flower until I saw a cartful of moringa leaves

with flowers.It is natural to see the flowers in a moringa tree,but this was the first time I saw

the keerai man’s cart with flowers,and after he persisted me to buy the flowers too with a 

healthy note,I searched for its health benefits.The brewed moringa flowers are a an excellent 

source ofcalcium and potassium and a goood supplement for nursing mothers.It is also good 

for treating common colds.I have made Agathi keerai (humming bird tree leaves)leaves with 

egg,and made Kiri hodhi(coconut milk based+less spicy curry),but this is my first attempt with 

moringa flower.If you are lucky get a big bunch of flowers you can stir fry with egg n pepper as 

a side dish for Chappathis,or rice and curry.

Well,let me now get into my version of Moringa rasam!

A handful of moringa flowers

1 tsp peppercorns 

1.5 tsp cummin seeds 

1-2 dry chillies 

8-9 pips of garlic(peel on)

Few curry leaves

1/2 tomato

Light decoction of 2 cups tamarind water (you can use juice of 1 lime to substitute tamarind)


A pinch of asafoetida

1/4 tsp.turmeric 

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

Salt to taste.


First grind coarsely pepper ,cummin,garlic,and tomato and set aside.

Heat oil add mustard,dry chillies, curry leaves,asafoetida and the ground mixture with the 

turmeric and salt.Saute for a minute.Add the flowers ,mix for a minute.Add the tamarind 

extract or only water if you are using lime or lemon(you have to add lime or lemon always 

after you remove  from fire as the nutrient content wil be absent).Check for salt.Add lemon or 

 lime juice.Serve hot with rice.

Satiating meal for a heavy rainy season.



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