Coffee lovers are really going to love it.

This sweet has an amazing taste with the

combination of filter coffee .

To add to the crunch I have sprinkled broken

cashews on the tray,before pouring the mixture

to set.Soft and melt in mouth sweet !

Do try and post in your comments!


1 cup gram flour (besan flour/chickpea flour)

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

1/2 cup ghee+butter ( mixed)

1/2 cup oil ( groundnut oil)

2 tbsp any filter coffee

1/4 tsp.cardamon powder (optional)


•You need two vessels to make this sweet.

One to heat the ghee and oil ,and the other to

make the syrup .

•Heat the sugar and water and make a syrup of

one string consistency only.

•Add the gram flour and the coffee powder to

the syrup and mix well.

•Simultaneously heat the oil and ghee.

•Keep mixing till the gram flour is well blended

with the syrup.

•Now start adding spoons of hot oil gradually to

the gram flour mixture stirring well.

•Keep adding till you see the color change and

bubbles form .

•Remove from fire and pour into a greased tray.

•Do not shake or level the mixture.

•Let it cool .

•Cut into desired pieces when warm.


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