Today I chose to share with you this simple recipe which few,can make without the bitter taste setting in.

Aloe vera known for health and cosmetic benefits should be included at least once a week in the form of juice .

It is good for diabetes, constipation and skin related diseases.

It is a good juice to alkalise your body.I happened to glimpse an article which said that,radiation from mobile phones,gadgets and Wi-Fi can be neutralised with juices like this.

Those taking drugs please check for side effects before consuming this juice.

Why I had to share this recipe was, as some,including juice centres

serve the bitter aloe vera juice.

So let’s get into the easy recipe now.

First of all,the tip to eliminate the bitterness is, to cut into pieces with skin on and soak in water for minimum 1-2 hours.

Then wash well and preserve in refrigerator ,and use whenever needed.

To remove the gel/fleshy part-Cut the thorny sides ,and cut off all the green parts,and use only the flesh/gel .

You have to wash the fleshy part again 2-3 times before making the juice.

INGREDIENTS (1 serving)

3-4 pieces of aloe-vera

1 small piece ginger

1/2 a lime or lemon

Jaggery or sugar to taste

Few mint leaves (optional)


Use the small jar and first, grind to a paste.( You have to add lime juice during the grind as aloe vera will not break without acid).Add 3/4 -1 cup water.

Serve chilled if you like.

Another healthy way of consuming aloe vera in the morning.

1.Wash and clean as directed above and cut into bite sizes.Coat the pieces with jaggery powder ,with 1-2 tsp castor oil .Cover and keep in the fridge.You can consume these pieces in the morning .

2.Washed pieces can be soaked in honey and consumed in the morning for health benefits.


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