This is the basic laddu recipe ,with a fusion of my kind.

Yes..I have included powdered cashewnuts,with a little mawa while binding.

Mawa can be substituted with milk powder.You can also opt out mawa,only

powdered cashewnuts may be used.

Sugar can be substituted for panagalkandu powder or kalkandu powder,(unrefined sugar)

Unrefined sugar is more healthier than normal sugar .

If using powdered sugar,use a little less.

In the basic making, some use crushed kalkandu ,and some roll in sugar,or

sprinkle sugar while binding the laddus.

Options are yours,so do try and let me know your suggestions.

For the recipe now.


1 cup besanflour (kadala maavu,gram dal flour)

1+1/2 or little less sugar

1/4 cup water (for syrup)

3 cardamons+1clove powdered

Few cashewnuts and raisins lightly fried in oil

1/4 cup powdered cashewnuts

1-2 tblsp mawa or powdered milk

a pinch of salt.

few drops of yellow food coloring or kesari powder

a pinch of edible camphor (optional)

enough oil or ghee / oil+ghee mixed to fry boondhi


Mix the gram dal flour with water to a pancake batter  consistency.

Make 1 string consistency syrup with the sugar and water.Add coloring,salt

cardamon powder,camphor and set aside.

Heat oil,use two slotted spoons ,one to pour the flour through into the oil,and

the other to remove the fried.

Now pour a ladle of the batter through the spoon (hold above the oil).patting

lightly on the spoon.When the boondhis are light golden brown remove and

set aside till you finish frying all.

Next add all to the syrup (should be warm)and cover for 5 minutes till the

syrup has absorbed .Mix well .

Take 3/4th of the laddu mix ,and blend in a mixer lightly with the

cashewnuts.(just 1 pulse in the mixer will be fine ).

Now mix in the ground mix along with the rest of the ingredients ,and make ladoos.

Can be stored for a week .

You can use water melon seeds while binding to get the extra crunch.


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