This is a melt in mouth recipe.This same recipe I used to make ribbon pakoda,and

murukku.Light on your teeth, especially those who find it difficult to crunch on snacks

like these,this southern savoury biscuit is worth the try.

The rice has to be soaked for 4-5 hours.Samba rice or any good quality rice can be used.

The rice has to be ground very fine with less water(like for ulundhu vada).

You could make 3 varieties of snacks from the same dough.

I will be giving the variations after the recipe.

Let’s get into the recipe now


2 cups boiled rice ( soaked for 4-5 hours)

1 cup roasted gram dal( pottukadalai)

1-2 tsp.chilli powder / pepper powder

1/4 tsp asafoetida powder.

2 tblsp.channa dal( kadala parippu)

A handful of crushed raw peanuts

Salt to taste

2-3 tblsp heated butter or coconut oil

Oil for frying


Grind the rice very fine and thick in a mixer or grinder .

Powder the pottukadalai and sift to get a fine powder.

Mix the rest of the ingredients with the rice and pottukadalai mixture and knead to get a

fine dough.

Make tiny balls out of the dough and press between two oiled sheets.Remove slowly drop

in oil ( medium flame) and fry on both sides till light golden.( When the bubbles in the oil

mellows down it is ready to remove from fire)

Note:If peanuts are opted out ,you could add sesame seeds.

For ribbon pakoda

Same recipe omitting peanuts and channa dal.

Add till/ sesame seeds

2 pips garlic crushed

This can be made substituting gram dal flour for roasted gram dal

Whenever I make this I divide the ground rice into two portions and make 2 variations.

(Do excuse as I’m not able to make and post photos now .Will update once my hand is

healed fully)

Thaen kulal murukku ( the thin murukku)

Same as ribbon pakoda mix.

So I have given you all  a 3 in 1 recipe.

Do try and comment.


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