Biscuits are an anytime snack,and can be made in the comfort of your home.

The smell and taste of cashew and custard was great!

You could substitute any flavor of custard powder for vanilla.

Once your baking is done leave the biscuits in the oven (after it’s switched off) for

10 minutes.

Open the oven door slightly, and allow to cool in the oven .

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Now for the recipe.


1.5 gms flour

3/4 cup powdered sugar (sulphur free)

1/2 cup chopped cashewnuts

100 gm butter

5-6 tblsp milk

1/2 tsp.rose essence

1 tsp.baking powder

a pinch of salt


Mix the butter and sugar in a bowl with a spatula.(no need to beat well).

Mix the flour,custard powder,baking powder together ,and add to the beaten butter


Add in the rest of the ingredients and lightly knead to soft dough.

Split the dough into two portions ,make each into cylidrical shapes and wrap in cling film

Keep in fridge for minimum half an hour,or maximum 1 hour.Before you keep in the

fridge mould the dough to a square or round roll,so when you cut it you get your desired

shape.No need to roll out again.

Bake for 30-35 minutes (180 degrees).Don’t overbake when you feel the biscuit soft to

touch.It will be crunchy when cool.






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