I’m really excited to share this healthy recipe with you all.

As I told you earlier I always see health related programs and when I get an idea and

have tried it too ,I always love to share it.

The rose flower is not only a beauty but also has loads of health benefits .

In India the famous ‘ Gulkand’ is prepared with these Rose petals.Many people consume

this concoction in milk or as it is stored, because it consists properties to strengthen the


Now pointing to the benefits of the natural rose milk drink .”

Coconut milk and rose petals have simultaneous benefits.

They help to remove toxins from the body and strengthening the heart intestines .

Blood flow is regulated in the body thus keeping your arteries strong.

This does not taste like the Common Rose milk we make at home or served commercially.

This is non- chemical natural drink, tasty and healthy.So… do take these drinks


For the recipe now


3 cups coconut milk

1 cup rose petals

1/4 tsp.cardamon powder

Honey to taste

1 tblsp palm sugar/ jaggery

Soaked chia/ falooda seeds


Grind the petals to a fine paste and add to the milk with the rest of the ingredients.Serve


You can add jelly pieces of you like.



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