This is a dish which can be served with any rice.

First the chicken has to be fried slightly and mixed in with the amazing spicy hot and

sweet sauces and chillis.

You can use boneless or chickenwith bones.

This recipe can be tried with fish fillet ,prawn and squid or thinly sliced meat.

So for the recipe now


To fry chicken (500 gm chicken)

2 tblsp.chilli powder


2 tblsp besan/gram/chickpea flour

oil for frying


Mix the chicken with the ingredients and set aside for few minutes.

Fry till light brown and set aside.

For the sauce

1 bunch spring onions chopped

4-5 green chillies julienned

1 tblsp chopped garlic

2-3 tblsp.sesame seeds

2-3 tblsp honey or jaggery

2 tblsp chilli paste

1/2 tsp pepper powder

2-3 tblsp.tamarind paste/ vinegar 1/4 cup.

2 tsp.cornflour

salt to taste.

2-3 tblsp.oil (you cn use from the leftover fried oil)


Heat oil.add the garlic.When lightly browned add the spring onions,green chillis .

(reserve a little spring onion leaves only and green chillies for garnishing)

Next add the fried chicken ,stir for 1 minute and add all ingredients listed for sauce and

cook till you get a silky look.

Garnish and remove from fire.

Serve hot.


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