Sweet stories in the air for Diwali, and thought

to share my new try ,a healthy nutritious sweet

which no one will resist .

I have tried many sweet and savoury recipes

with beetroot .

Even in the making of Red Velvet cake ,I avoid

using color and use only beetroot extract.

Now coming to katli,I tried this before by just

grinding the beetroot to a paste,but I did not get

the expected result.

This time I made the beetroot paste,spread it on

a parchment paper and baked for 15 minutes ,

switched off the oven and allowed to cool in the

oven itself (I used only 1 beetroot so the timing

is enough).

This method , tasted very good . the raw taste of

beetroot was absent,and the color was good.

So now let me share this recipe with you all.


1 cup cashewnuts

1/2-3/4 cup sugar

1 beetroot ( follow instructions above)

A pinch of salt

1/4 tsp cardamons powder

2 – 3 tsp.ghee

1/4cup milk powder

1/8 cup water.METHOD

•Heat the sugar and water till 1 string

consistency .

•Add the finely ground cashewnuts,beetroot

puree,salt and mix on a low flame.

•Add the rest of the ingredients and mix till it

forms a like a ball of dough.

•Remove from fire and keep stirring with a

spatula .

•Transfer to a greased plate and slightly roll to

get a thin layer.

•Dab the silver vark on and cut into shapes you



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