Guacamole  sourced  from the Mexican cuisine, is widely used all around the world as

dips,and in varieties of foods.

The  ripe avacado or butterfruit is the key ingredient in this dish.The greens added to this

differs in an individuals taste.

The authentic Guacamole is made with cilantro (coriander leaves) but spinach/palak,

basil leaves is also used in the making .

As avacado is the dominating ingredient the use of your favourite pick in leaves does not

change the taste.

I have tried with gotukola (brahmi ) leaves and it was fine.

Today i will be sharing, few of the variations.

I have added egg in different ways along with this.

Believe me ,its soo…amazing it is off my table within seconds.

So try this recipies with this healthy and amazing fruit.


For the basic guacomole 

1 -2 ripe avacado/butterfruit

1 cup chopped cilantro/palak

1 onion chopped fine

2-3 green chillies

2 tomatoes chopped

pepper powder (depending on your taste)


juice of 2 limes

a little nutmeg powder (optional)


Remove the pulp and mash lightly.Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

For the variations.


1. Steamed/baked egg and guacomole bun

Beat 4-5 eggs ,2 tblsp milk ,pepper,salt,a teaspoon of flour together and steam or bake till done,

4-5 buns (any buns of your choice) buttered lightly

Stuff with the salad and pieces of steamed or baked egg.

You could use poached eggs too for another day.


2. Double decker sandwich


One side with the salad and the other with egg slices .


3.Chappathi wrap


Beat some eggs and smear on the chappathi while making.Add the salad and wrap.

Tortilla ,Pita wraps could be used.


4. You could use for BRUSSHETA (Toasted bread)

Do try these healthy and tasty recipies .Best for lunch box category.

Send in your comments and suggestions..





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