CREAM CHEESE POUND CAKE ( with variations)

Firstly, I would like to brief you, why it is called pound cake.

The recipe is in the title itselfand as each of the ingredients were a pound ,simple as it is..

that’s how the name originated.

Pound cake,Butter cake both are the same.

Now I’m going to share Cream cheese pound cake recipe,with cream cheese and little

almond flour added to make the difference.

It is awesome as the butter cake or pound cake.

I had to take a little more weight to the ingredients,as i had 200 gm of cheese and wanted to use it fully.

You could calculate and make lesser amounts.

Moving on to the recipe now


340 gm flour

340 gm sugar

300 gm butter

6 eggs

100 gm almond flour

1 tsp.vanilla essence

200 gm cream cheese / paneer

A pinch of salt


Cream the cheese and butter together till creamy.

Add in the sugar,and one egg at a time beating continuously.

Once it’s  creamy and airy ,stop beating.

Fold in the flour,almond flour,baking powder with a spatula and transfer batter into

suitable tins you like.

Bake in a moderate oven( 180 degrees )for 30-40 minutes or untill done.

You can make many variations from the same mixture

Lemon : Just add 1 tblsp.of the peel gratings and 1-2 tblsp of the juice.

Orange : Same as the lemon

Chocolate marble cake : Take half of the batter add 2 tblsp cocoa powder mixed in hot water( to get the dark color).Add 1 tblsp curd or yoghurt.

Dry fruits can be added

Variations for toppings

Chocolate,lemon or orange glaze, Coconut and chocolate…many more you can innovate.

Believe a plain slice of pound cake is divine.

Happy baking!

Photo shows a cakes baked in loaf tin,bundt tin,and the rectangular slice was with cherries and chocolate chips


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