Why was it named Koli appam ? I searched google but failed to find the answer.

If anybody knows, do enlighten me.

Well, in my childhood days had the opportunity

to visit Coastal areas of South India .

There I saw the making of this authentic Koli appam. Some use all purpose flour, but the authentic recipe has rice flour only. The mixing and the making attracted me as it was totally different.

The lady mixing it passionately, pouring and swirling in earthenware , was new to me. So anxiously I watched her making.

The way she made it ,so thin like lace , a hundred stacked was only 2 inches high .The combination with chicken curry was awesome .

No fermentation required, it’ s an instant mix,and with the usage of non stick cookware nowadays it’s very easy to make.

So let’s get into the authentic recipe


2 cups fine rice flour lightly roasted

2 cups thick coconut milk ( 1st)

2-3 or more thin coconut milk (2nd & 3 rd extract)

1-2 eggs

1/2 tsp salt


Mix the thick coconut milk , salt , egg and make a soft dough and set aside for just 5 minutes.

Then mix in the rest of the milk and make a thin batter .

Tip: After mixing I put the batter in a mixer and ground for 2 minutes , to get fine batter.

Take a non-stick pan , smear with oil, pour a ladle of the batter and swirl to make thin appams .When you see the sides turning crisp,you can easily remove it with your hands


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