Raw pepper is the fresh green pepper before

processing to black pepper .

Lovely, green tiny corns attracted me when,i

went for my vegetables and fruits shopping to

my favourite exotic store.

To my knowledge, these peppers are used in

making pickle or stir fries.

This time, i combined it with broccoli to make


This pepper is rich in VitaminK,

antioxidants,aids in fat loss and many other

nutrients if you do a specific search.

Broccoli too, has many nutrients you require to

keep you healthy.

Looks lovely and green,but one which keeps

your nose up ,is rich in calcium,aids to detox,

and boosts your immune levels.

So, compulsorily include in your diet.

To the recipe now


1 cup broccoli florets

1 tblsp raw pepper

2-3 roasted garlic

1 roasted onion ( saute in oil till brown)

Lemon juice

Salt to taste


Cook all the ingredients except the garlic cloves

and onion.

Once the brocolli is cooked ,drain the liquid

into the soup pot,and blend

all the veggies ,with onion and garlic to a

smooth paste.

Mix in the paste,with the drained stock.

Adjust, the amount of soup you need by adding


Add lemon juice .

Serve hot .

You could add a little cream if you like.

Note:Always add lemon juice after

removing from fire.