Ivy gourd/ Coccinea/Kovakkai ( Tamil)/Kundra

(Hindi)/Kovakka ( Sinhala),resembles a tiny

cucumber.This tiny wonder,has many health

benefits .A few health pointers on this gourd

*The laxative contents in it aids constipation

*Lowers blood sugar levels

*loaded with vitaminC , A,B1,&B2..

*Aids in proper functioning of kidneys

* Healing properties for wounds

People with low sugar, should not take it often,

as it’s potent to reduce sugar levels will lead to

hypoglycaemia .

So let’s get into the recipe now


100-200 gm ivy gourd

1/2 of a raw mango

5-6 red dry chillies

a small piece of ginger ( optional)

1 tblsp.whole coriander seeds

1 tsp cummin seeds

3 tblsp urad dhal / gram dal

A pinch of asafoetida powder

1 tsp jaggery powder

1-2 tblsp oil

salt to taste.


Roughly cut the mango and gourd and saute in

oil for 5 minutes.Transfer the contents into

another bowl.

In the same pan , add the rest of the spices and

roast till the urad dhal changes color .Remove

from fire.

First grind the spices coarsely. Add the mango

gourd ,salt and grind to a paste.

Serve with iddli or dosa.

Try this healthy and tasty chutney and send in

your valuable comments!

Note: You could temper this chutney if you like.


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