This dish has ginger as the key ingredient.

Ginger known for its medicinal properties have

to be included in dishes like this.

Potato,Cauliflower, Paneer,or any kofta can be

made with the same recipe.So ,do try and post

in your comments .

To the recipe now


250 gm chicken

2 onions

2 tomatoes

2-3 green chillies chopped

1-2 tsp red chilli powder

2 inch piece ginger

1 tsp saunf

1/2 tsp. pepper powder

1/2 tsp garam masala powder

2-3 tblsp butter

6-7 almonds/cashew ground to a paste

1/2 tsp sugar


Heat 1 tblsp butter , add saunf and sauté the

onions,tomatoes,and sugar with a little salt till

soft.Allow to cool and blend with ginger to a

coarse paste .

Now heat the remaining butter ,add chilli

powder and garam masala powder ,and

quickly add the chicken pieces and allow to

cook for 5 minutes .

Next add the ground tomato and onion masala

and cook in its juices ( no need to add water).

Add the rest of the ingredients and cook till the

sauce is well blended with the chicken.

You could garnish with dried methi leaves/

coriander leaves.

Good to serve with any rice or rotis.


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