Pumpkin rich in many Vitamins and Minerals a

wealthy source of antioxidants, can be

consumed in many way .

I always love to make anything from scratch,

and don’t prefer the use of canned food in any


Sweets,pies,cakes,and many more to add l,can

be made with this lovely yellow vegetable.

I have posted many recipes with pumpkin,and

a lovely fresh drink with pineapple.

This soup is an addition to it .

Roasted the garlic and pumpkin ,in the oven

with a drizzle of olive oil and combined with

only leeks ,it was a lovely creamy soup for

dinner!Adding extra cream to serve is your


To the recipe now


200 gm pumpkin cubes (use the peel if you like)

3-4 cloves of garlic

2 tsp olive oil ( to drizzle for roasting)

1 leek chopped/ spring onions

White pepper or black pepper ( to your taste)

1/4 tsp grated nutmeg

Salt to taste

1 tsp butter


First roast the pumpkin,garlic,drizzled with

olive oil in a very hot oven till the pumpkin is


Mash it well preferably in a mixer.

Heat butter in a pan,add the chopped leeks and

sauté for few minutes . Add the pumpkin puree

and 3-4 cups of water,with the rest of the

ingredients , and cook till it reaches a boil and

remove from fire.

You can add lime juice if you like, once you

remove from fire.


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