Soufflé pancakes are wonderful for breakfast

or as a snack . Kids will love it more if you try

making with different moulds.

You could try many fruit and vegetable

variations with the same recipe ,or add while

serving .

Today I will be giving the basic vanilla recipe

and a cheesy one .So two recipes in today’s post

a savoury and a sweet one .

To the recipe now

Vanilla soufflé


1/2 cup flour

4 tblsp. sugar ( to your taste)

1 tblsp oil / melted butter ( room temperature)

2 tblsp milk

3 egg yolks

4 egg whites

a pinch of cream of tartar /1 tsp.white vinegar

1 tsp vanilla essence

a pinch of salt


Beat egg whites stiff,with cream of tartar and

sugar.Sugar should be added gradually.

Mix the rest of the ingredients,(add flour last).

Fold in beaten egg whites lightly.

Heat a flat bottomed pan . Smear butter or oil

( do not pour oil).

Place spoonfuls ( ice cream scoop / piping bag).

If you want , you could top with another scoop

to get a taller effect. Once you see the bottom

nice and golden , flip over carefully,Cover and

cook on the other side . Remove from fire.

I used my individual pan cake mould. There

seems to be many moulds in the market today ,

so go ahead and try enticing your kids with

their favourite shapes!



It is the same ingredients as vanilla excluding

sugar and including you favourite cheese ( 1/2

cup) and a little pepper /chilli flakes.

You can add a sprinkle of veggies if you like.

The method is the same .

Please try both recipes on medium heat .

Do try with other flavours too.A fruit

topping,chocolate, caramel,or honey topping

will be a lip smacking breakfast!

Do post in your suggestions and comments!


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